The History

Charles said, “I don’t want these kids to become like typical church kids.  So I’m going to take them out on the streets and teach them to share their faith and let them sense God’s heart for hurting people.”  Out of that mission grew a street ministry, The Holy Ghost Repair Service, in downtown Denver with The Planet Jerusalem Coffeehouse, Counseling Center and bookstore.  The motto, “Repairing broken lives in the power of the Holy Spirit,” was lived out through a men’s and women’s discipleship home.  They also published a radical newspaper called “The End Times.”

Charles always had a dream to go back to Hollywood, where God had spared his life from an overdose of drugs.  They finally ended up in Hollywood in 1979 after some time of schooling and ministry at Christ for the Nations in Texas and serving again as a youth pastor in Florida.

Charles & Judy, and their good friends, Scott & Nancy Hinkle, began by going out on the streets and talking to people one on one.  After a few months they started a Bible study for the new seekers and then rented a small storefront bookstore, which became their launching pad to send teams out on the street.  Out of the ministry to the young ladies, who were being trafficked, the staff discovered a need for a safe home to help the girls escape from their pimps.  They rented a home in the San Fernando Valley, called it  The House of Magdalene, which became a refuge.  Scores of young women found Jesus and new direction for their lives.  Some of the girls not only chose a new life, but also gave their baby a chance for life by giving them up for adoption to wonderful families we connected them with.

On July 31, 1982, Judy experienced an emotional earthquake, which would have been off the Richter scale charts.  Charles went to his real home, Heaven.  Of course, for him it was wonderful because he had no more pain from cancer and he was with his Lord and Savior. But Judy and her two little kids were still here on earth to deal with the heartache and the dilemma of how she would support them.  As she began to pray and seek guidance from the Lord, He spoke to her one night from Joshua 1 


“Moses my servant is dead, so now arise and take his place.”  She made all kinds of excuses, “I’m a mother! I’m a housewife, and where’s the money going to come from God?”

A few nights later she was reading again in the Amplified Bible and God spoke to her heart, “Fear not! I will provide for and support you and your little ones. And he gave them cheer and hope.” After that confirmation she  became the President of the ministry and has continued on since 1982.   She was a single mom for four years and much to her amazement along with the help of some faithful staff, Bobby & Dot Chance, the ministry grew.

In 1986 she married Ron Radachy who now works full time in the ministry alongside her.  They co-direct the ministry and travel and speak at conferences, churches, and men’s and women’s groups all over the country.  Ron has taught the ABC’s of Evangelism, currently called Your Story Matters, to thousands of people through the years.

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