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Back To School Bash

As Ezra and thousands of students in Los Angeles prepare to head back to school next month, I sympathize with the overwhelming burden that many parents must be facing. They’re struggling to provide dinner every night, and now they’re faced with the daunting task of buying their child a new backpack, new school supplies, and new clothes for the upcoming school year. The Oasis exists to help parents from that burden.

On August 6th, The Oasis will host a free Back To School event for our community. We will offer free backpacks FILLED with school supplies, free clothes, free haircuts, free groceries and more. Plus, we’ll be able to connect with families so they can sign up for our weekly grocery delivery service. Parents & kids won’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or if they’ll have everything they need to start the new school year

I ask that you would PRAY for these kids, teens, and families. Let’s pray for provision for their practical needs but also for their salvation & relationship with Jesus— He’s the ultimate provider! You can also partner with us financially by giving toward this event. Just complete the response form on the back or visit www.oasisofhollywood.org.

“Can you please give me food to take home?”


After our Tuesday night Encounter service with Oasis Youth, 13 year old Ezra approached me. He quietly asked, “Can you please give me food to take home?” Not wanting him to be embarrassed, I quietly responded:

“Yeah, for sure. Let’s go see what we’ve got.” We went to our Oasis pantry, and I gave him several grocery bags; “take anything you want” I told him. After helping him “shop” for a bit, I asked him: “Is everything OK?” As he stopped looking for food, he told me: “I mean it will be eventually. But it’s just that right now my mom hasn’t been able to buy groceries for two weeks. There’s too many bills to pay, and my dad can’t work so it’s just a lot for my mom.” He went on to explain that his dad had fallen into severe depression a few months back. It had gotten so bad that his dad completely stopped eating, and was eventually hospitalized. He was home now, but still not eating. His family had struggled financially before this, but now they were barely scraping by. His mom is the sole provider for him & his two siblings. We packed up 4-5 full bags of groceries, and then I gave him some McDonald’s gift cards.

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