M I S S I O N ///

Hollywood School of Ministry is a part of the heartbeat and vision of the Oasis of Hollywood. We desire to train, equip, and launch out the next generation of leaders who feel called to ministry.!

Train students in practical ministry through our various ministry tracks. Each student will have the opportunity to participate and learn through several different ministry roles varying from children’s ministry, street ministry, youth ministry, church ministry, etc.

Equip students with the tools, experience, and theology that they’ll need to continue along the journey. Our students will all take Christ for the Nations Theology classes online, as well as, life experience classes taught by our various staff members.

Launch students into the calling that God has set for their lives. Our goal is be the catalyst that God uses to help shape the character and call of God in their lives. We hope to help students not only graduate the school, but help them navigate what the next step is after graduation.

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