Raised in a Catholic household by a single mom, Royer began to know about the Lord when his grandmother became the first person in his family to become a Christian and began to speak to him about Jesus.  After attending a Christian Church for the first time at the age of 10 and struggling between following his family traditions or God, he asked  “Lord, reveal yourself to me if you’re actually real.”  Soon after, he received his first bible and decided to follow the Lord. 

Upon entering high school and not being able to find a church, Royer was introduced to the Oasis of Hollywood through a friend during his sophomore year.  There, he was introduced to leaders that poured into him and fully devoted his life to the Lord when he attended their summer camp.  Since making that decision, Royer has been blessed with great fiends, leaders, and opportunities.

Through the Oasis and his home church, Royer has found his purpose and now works as a part-time staff where he is able to use his love for music to glorify the Lord as he leads the Oasis Youth Students in worship.