Recently, we have had a new group of young boys attend Oasis Youth every week. One of them, named James, has been showing glimpses of God working through him. James is an 8th grader who has fallen into the wrong crowd. With both of his parents constantly working, James has found himself involved with gangs, and was even kicked out of his school. 

Our team has had to extend a lot of grace, patience, and forgiveness toward him- but we’re beginning to see God transform his heart. James recently expressed, “I enjoy going to Oasis, and I want to continue to go because I feel like I get closer to God there.” 

Shortly after, we noticed that he started to raise his hands during worship. He even corrected one of his friends who sat down during a song; he nudged him on the shoulder and told him: ”Get up.” Then, he started tithing. These may seem like small steps, but they’re progress! And we are expectant that God’s going to continue to move in James’ life.

Last week at Oasis, we had each student write down something they want to ask God for. James wrote, “My ask to God is that I would choose to make better choices, be there for my mom, and get closer to Him.”

Here are a few other prayer requests from our Oasis Youth students: 

Grace, Twelfth Grade: “My ask to God is that I would stop my addiction, and rely on Him more.” 

Ben, Twelfth Grade: “My ask to God is that I wouldn’t feel empty anymore.” 

Maya, Tenth Grade: “My ask to God is that I would see myself as His child.” 

Isabel, Sixth Grade: “My ask to God is that my mom would be healed from her broken heart.” 

Join us in praying for these students. We are believing for God’s intercession, healing, and freedom in the name of Jesus!

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