Friday Nights

As children got older & could no longer attend Kidz Klub, Judy noticed that these now-teenagers wouldn’t go home on Friday’s, but instead wanted to hang out on the steps at Oasis. When Judy asked them why they weren’t going out on a Friday night, one of them asked:

“Would you rather us be out on the streets with gangs  getting in trouble or hanging out here?”

After that comment, Oasis Youth Friday night outreach was born. 

With gangs, drug abuse, violence, and crime being prevalent in Hollywood, we knew that we needed to give these young people an Oasis to escape to where they could hang out with their friends & stay off the street. 

Every Friday, from 7PM-10PM, teens from all over Hollywood come to the Oasis to play sports, video games, listen to music, and hang out with their friends in a safe, up-lifting environment. Every Friday, students get to hear an encouraging message from the Bible & receive the opportunity to follow God. 

We provide free transportation to & from homes, plus a free hot meal & groceries every Friday night. 

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We know that discipleship & being surrounded by people of like-minded faith is so important. The Bible even teaches that “iron sharpens iron”. 

Every Tuesday from 6PM-8PM, Oasis Youth students gather together to enter into worship, then a time of small-group Bible study & leadership classes.

Free transportation to & from homes & a free, hot meal are provided every Tuesday. 

Youth Pastor: Mynor Rosales (

"Oasis Youth is my second family. I can be myself here, I'm accepted here."

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