ABC's of Evangelism

Walk of Faith on the Walk of Fame

Jesus had weird relatives

How to defeat the terrorist

ABC’S OF EVANGELISM CD by Ron Radachy. Practical teaching and basic training in sharing your faith in a non-confrontational manner.

“A WALK OF FAITH ON THE WALK OF FAME” by Judy Radachy. The first few chapters are a description of the challenges Judy faced after the death of her first husband, and left with two small children and a ministry. The rest of the book are short stories of people’s lives who have been transformed through this ministry by the power of God.

JESUS HAD WEIRD RELATIVES CD by Ron Radachy. An inspiring message which reflects that your past does not have to determine your future.

HOW TO DEFEAT THE TERRORISTS CD by Judy Radachy. An equipping message on the armor of God and how to defeat the enemy of our soul.